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Little Falls, NJ

Tile Installation

I can install all kinds of tile around your property. You can choose from ceramic, granite, marble, and more, based on your needs. These tiles can vary in size, shape, and style, so there are options for customization to get the look that you desire. Leave it to me.

Stone Installation

Aside from tiling services, I can also provide my clients with quality stone installation services. Stone is often a more durable, yet appealing material that can be used in a variety of different places - from bathrooms to kitchens, \ foyers, and more. I can install your choice of stone.

Bathroom Remodeling

As a tile contractor, I also specialize in working on bathroom remodeling projects. Tiles are often the main material used in bathrooms, so leave it to me to complete the job. You'll have a new and improved bathroom in no time once I'm done. Pick your tiles, and I'll do the rest.

Masonry Work

If you have existing stones, concrete, or other surfaces that need to be repaired, I can help. I provide my clients with reliable masonry services that they can depend on, regardless of the details. From large to small projects, I do it all. I'll make sure that the repairs are completed to your liking.

Benefits I Can Provide

When looking for the ideal tile installers for the job, be sure to consider me. I’m detailed and fit for the task. I work with a variety of different tiling materials, so you can count on me to complete the job in a professional and detailed manner. You pick the tile or stone that you want and have me handle the rest. I’ll work with you on customizations and more. Leaver the project for an expert like me in Little Falls, NJ.

How I Do It

When working on tile and stone installation projects, I make sure to understand the needs of my clients and what they’re looking for. This helps me plan out the project and ensure that everything will be done properly from beginning to end. Precise Tile & Stone LLC is a tiling company that you can trust to handle the project with the maximum amount of efficiency, no matter what.

My Service Areas

Thanks to all the skills, expertise, and knowledge obtained with 20 years in the industry, I am certain that I’m the right professional for your next project. It’s my goal to be there and help as many clients as possible achieve their project goals, which is why I offer my services throughout Little Falls, NJ and in each of the following areas:
- Woodland Park, NJ
- Verona, NJ
- Fairfield, NJ
- Haledon, NJ
- Totowa, NJ
If you need help finding the right tile installation companies in Little Falls, NJ, please give me a call now to schedule your appointment or get more information!

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About Me

Expert Tile Contractor

Precise Tile & Stone LLC is a professional tile installation company that works with clients to provide them with top-quality services that can transform the appearance of their properties. Tiles and stone can be difficult to install on your own. Even though they’re durable, they can be very delicate to handle. I have the proper expertise, training, and knowledge when it comes to the job, which means that you can count on me to get it done right

Choose a Professional

I’m a tile contractor that you can fully depend on for exceptional services, regardless of the details of the job. Whether it’s a large tiling project or a small one, I can guarantee the maximum level of quality, precision, and attention to detail. I work with all kinds of tile and stone, so leave it to me to complete the task to your liking. With my services in Little Falls, NJ, you’ll always be in good hands.

Exceptional and Reliable Service

I’m a professional in Little Falls, NJ that has 20 years of experience working in the industry. Precise Tile & Stone LLC is a licensed, bonded, certified, and insured tile installation company that you can rely on.

If you need a professional tile contractor, give me a call today at (973) 985-2626 to schedule your appointment!

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